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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oops!! This sucks!

I was happy to be doing this peticuar piece I was thinking what to do and as I was wire wrapping some glass marbles and then I glanced and seen my wooden beads and thought HOW COOL those would look together. So after the wire wrapping was complete I got the kids lunch and had a bite myself and was anxious to start this new masterpiece I was about to create!

So I began tatting, and tatting, and tatt-- UGH! kids fighting etc... So the tatting was put on hold until after supper so around 6ish I started to tat again and it was going good I got nearly done and then THIS HAPPENED

OMGGGGGG!! I was mad and so ready to cry I showed my husband and he had the smart remark ohhh just tie those little strands WHAT?? OMG hes a goof I told him even with tweezers I can imagine you cant do that LOL but hey I will have to repair it sometime I am not touching it now because I may just rip and throw LOL

Then I thought lets see another beauty is running through my mind I got some beads out that my husband had he used to do alot of beading but hasent for awhile and he gave me all his treasures :) So I got these BEAUTIFUL blue stone looking beads (blue is my favorite color) I threaded them onto some size 20 thread and it was a bit rough to get on the needle but I shoved them on not even thinking at all. So I start tatting split rings again, there is just something about them that I really love. First 5 rings done then I pulled the stone up to the ring and put the needle through a little rough but thought I can handle it. Ring done and next stone bead a little bit rougher, ok can handle that too I think. Ring done againd bead still rough, Grrr! Ok can handle it Ring done and 4th bead NOOOOOOO!! that one broke and tried another Broke again and tried another and got my needle stuck CRAP!!! ok I gave up by this time it was also 9pm bed time for kiddos and shower time for me.
It was going to be a pretty necklace LOL I may give it another go with size 30 thread but not now HA HA!!
I do have 2 motifs to post so just wait a bit :)

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