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Friday, September 19, 2008

Canning Queen LOL

Salsa while it was cooking YUM!
Hubby tried the salsa and its got his approval its pretty good and thick too this time I was taking the pic to show my brother he loves my salsa and i wanted to tempt his taste buds lol and ned decided he wanted to have some too ROFL silly dog

Pictures of Salsa and Tomato and Pepper stash LOL

Ohhh my I thought the day would never ever come to and end and I am still here canning...

I had originally planned on starting about 10ish this morning canning See I got tons of tomaotes and I do mean tons. Salsa, jelly etc.. was being planned but as usual hubby wanted me to help him with his chores. :( I can never say no I hate that about myself I am kind of a door mat that way I guess. So I ended up not starting until about 1 and it took me until 2 to get all the veggies cut up for 1 batch of salsa I bought that vidalia chopper thing its so darn awesome LOL It saved me alot of time Any whoo My salsa is awesome I did it differently than before, and all that work and the sad thing of it all was I only got 3 qt. jars out of it :( so I made another batch and it was canned and Now am on to the stewed tomatoes which are now cooking while i rest my tired legs for a bit. No tatting has been done today and that saddens me LOL I also got alot of peppers too So tomorrow will be another canning day
Just thought I would update my blog

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LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

I love salsa! I eat it everyday! I think it's the perfect food.