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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

~*Good Morning*~

Is it really Wednesday already?? OMG where did the darn week go?
All week I havent picked up my tatting, its so sad :( its calling to me and I swear I hear my threads crying and my favorite needle is just begging to be touched LOL I recently discovered a new talent I guess you would call it that LOL I love beading and jewelry and messing with wire I have even wire wrapped a ton of glass marbles, half marbles, stones & shells. This was a craze that I got into over the summer and made way too many and sold none :( ohhh well guess I will have to make them into necklaces lol

This is what I recently discovered I could do. The pink one was real hard to do as the wire was too thick and I even blistered my fingers lol the other is what I am working on now its thinner wire and much easier to do.

I knew I could do this, its just something I been wanting to try and finally gotten to it.
Yesterday I cleaned my house not just the normal dusting, scrubbing and vacuuming. I mean throwing things out arranging etc... My house looks awesome and not as cluttered. I found this book that either my mom or I bought its so neat. I may have to make the dog for my kiddos for Christmas.

You use a whole skein of yarn for the people, dog, and octopus. I think its really cook and the weird thing about finding the book is that I dont ever remember getting it or it being given to me. lol
~Today my sister is coming over and we are doing my hair, I got hair dye and she is giving me highlights. I cant wait My hair is naturally red and its got grey in it and I want a bit of a change. It will be reddish brown and who knows what color highlights lol
OK gonna get my kiddo's up for school
Have a good day

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