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Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's Baaaaaack!!

Ok I dont know what happened I decided to take the phone off the hook the cell was handy in case the school would happen to call for my kiddos. Put on some of my favorite music today it was KISS & Def Leppard LOL
I just sat here for a little while with my eyes closed and calmed myself down and thought of tatting and all those little pieces I have done and what they could become. The ideas starting coming to me after awhile. I did not mess with any of those other little pieces that will be later or tomorrow. I decided to take a good part of the day off because some clumsy gal decided that when taking the children to the bus stop to slip in the wet grass and fall straight on my hip LOL after I got up and my kids knew I was ok they laughed at me for falling AGAIN and they both said to me "mom walk on the driveway so you dont slip again" I cant tell you how cute that was and how embarrased I was. My kiddos are something else, they definately keep me laughing at times.
Ok gonna post the new things I done today.

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