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Monday, November 10, 2008

Decisions, questions, and my personal paranoia...

First off with the decisions... Hmmmm I went and got me some more threads and dye and decided to start making HDT. That was my decision today I made my first batch to sell just got finished with it about 10 mins ago, I needed some relaxing time. and I got it. The only gripe I have about doing this is Winding the thread myself I have no winder but its worth the beauty I think.

Now for the questions, Those of you who make HDT and sell it... How do you figure price? I am not sure on how to do this for myself because I havent sold ANY of my tatting on my Etsy, The only thing I sold were a few pictures and my tatting books :( I thought for sure something would have sold by now but, you cant win them all i guess lol

And for my personal paranoia, I am afraid to make anyone angry or upset now that I am doing HDT, I am a very paranoid person always have been. I feel like I may be stepping on toes, or if I make my prices lower someone may get mad etc... I am sure you know where this is going. I can imagine no one would even think this way but its my feelings.

Ok gonna go check a whole days worth of email and then get my kids off to bed soon I need a nice hot bubble bath!
Have a good evening


yarnplayer said...

Congratulations on your achievements in HDT! To answer some of your questions, I'll just share from my own experience. To figure the price, I looked at the price of the thread, the cost of the dye, did a little math (only a little, since I'm not too strong in math, LOL) and came up with a rough estimate of what each skein cost me. Then I came up with a price that I thought the market would bear, yet would allow me to make something like a decent profit, considering the time and effort involved. It may help you to look at what other hand dyers are charging - that doesn't mean you have to charge the same, but I think you want the price to reflect your time and effort, and not sell yourself short.

There are a lot of "HDT addicts" out there who will be thrilled to try your threads - best of luck to you!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Hi Heather,
Dyeing is both fun and frustrating.
So I too wish you the best of luck. Marilee is right, you must take your materials and time into consideration.

All the threads and dyes that I personally use have to be special ordered. They cannot be found in any local craft store. I figure that if I am going to go through all this trouble then I might as well start with the very best materials I can find....and they are not cheap.
This is not a big money maker for me...(I think YarnPlayer does better since she has a better thread size selection...another thing to consider.) ...but I do it because I am an HDT addict myself and it keeps me busy when I am cut off from my other artistic endeavors.

Keep us posted...

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

Thank you both so much for the info, input and wishes...
I REALLY REALLY appreciate it.
have a good day