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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and other chit chat!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

Well I got up early-ish to get my turkey in the oven and stuff. Decided to sit for some tat time first. I finished 1 motif and started another and began the long process of typing patterns for the books. Then got my turkey ready, we decided to this year do something different we got a smoked turkey, I already dont like it for the reason of I got the wire out of him and all the wrappings off and went to move his big leg and nearly pulled it off :( I never had a smoked turkey so how was I to know... It smells great and he is in the oven, my 9yr old daughter got up early too and helped mix the stuffing and get some things together... We normally have daves mom here but with both vehicles down and the roads not so nice we cant get her here. He is dissappointed as I am but in a way I am also glad, I know that sounds cruel but it will be nice to just have us for a change. Everyone is in bed except me and Shannan its nice. My son is just being so mean to me, he is getting his attitude from kids at school and I hate it. That is one thing i am NOT thankful for.

My list of things I am thankful for...
My family
our health
my WONDERFUL friends
my tatting friends
my house
my past (it has made me the strong person i am today)
my husband (allthough he angers me to no end at times, I really dont know where i would be now if i had not met him)
my children (on their good days LOL)

People I miss most today...
Grandma Minnie
Grandma Huber
Pap Pap
Aunt Bernie
and Frisky my dog (sounds strange to miss him on a holiday BUT usually on the holidays when things calmed down I would take him some table scraps and just talk or play with him, I really missed it on my birthday and now this holiday too :( )
This year is real hard I dont understand why usually I am too busy to be thinking so much about them on the holiday and with this one being a bit less busy, is giving my mind time to think more. or its just one of those days. who knows :)

Ok gonna tat and type some until everyone else is up and I can be noisy with the rest of the work for the day :)

Get stuffed and be merry & safe

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Tattycat said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Heather. I hope you and your family have a wonderful day.