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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New HDT in the shop and stuff

First I will start with my new HDT...
Blue Raspberry anyone?? Hubby thought of this one I couldnt figure it out!

Berry Punch!

Well being the redneck kind of gal that I am LOL I couldnt resist making this Camoflauge thread, needless to say this is my FAVORITE so far the snowflake I tatted was on another bloggers blog HERE I dont know his name or anything but I am in the process of contacting him etc...

This is faded jeans, this one didnt turn out like I wanted it to but its still pretty.

I am still working on my 3rd and 4th book!! I HOPE to have them ready before Christmas, HOPE being the key word here.

Saturday was my party we had it went great, my friend brought Jello shot i never had them before and they were good LOL I made $16 I planned on making more but only 4 people showed up, we had fun anyways...
My friend Amy gave me an awesome present!! Mugs & Kisses!! I loved it!! I use my mug each morning makes the coffee taste even better!! :)

Sunday was my birthday, 32 woo hoo lol I am still young :~), age dosent bother me one bit, some days I feel about 90 but dont we all at times...

My kids made me these for my birthday
I love them they are on the table and are gonna stay there FOREVER!! I love the simple little home made things like this. They made these when they were staying at my moms last weekend. THANKS MOM!!

I got a special delivery yesterday too my boss sent me these... She is such a wonderful and thoughtful lady!!

THEN yesterday my hubbys truck is not functioning again so that leaves me without my truck :( I miss my baby and I think she misses me too LOL

My husband will be laid off full time startign next week. :(::.. I hate it so badly we just dont need this right now!!

ok I think that is all for now the kids are getting ready for school and I am sitting here watching my Dark Eyed Junco's at the feeder I love those birds they are just so pretty!!

Have a good day all


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