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Saturday, November 8, 2008


Today is turning out to be one of those days where you want to lock yourself in a room and just TAT lol needless to say I havent picked up my tatting yet today but its only 1:38pm. My hubby is outside working on things with our son. I am indoors with our daughter. We done something very special together that may turn into "our thing" I am being hush hush right now because I am not real sure if it even worked yet. so far it dosent look that great but we will see later on, but the main thing is we had fun doing it. she isnt feeling so well today with her sinuses I hate it we all have them badly at times. Shes got a bit of a fever and soreish throat so I am thinking Sinus Infection UGH!! I cant complain this year they have been good when it comes to being sick.
I just want to fall asleep right now because its so chilly and just plain dreary outside today, but my baby girl wants to go onto study island to practice her math and once she is done talking to her friend I guess I will be kicked back out to the room lol I love my lap top I can hide in bed and surf the web if i want to lol
well I better run check on what we done, and take my tatting out to the room I cant wait to finish my designs for my book they are looking nice and I hope within a few weeks to have it completed
Have a good day

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