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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gearing up for the next 25 Motif Challenge

Yes I am excited to start the next challenge of course I may not be able to do a whole lot until the end of April due to work at the accounting office, tax season will be in full force (biting nails) lol
If you havent heard of it and want to see what its about just go to the 25 Motif Challenge Blog it was so fun to do
This time I am making a vow to myself to USE MY SHUTTLE for atleast 25 of the motifs I plan to do it more than once
I am a needle tatter that is how I taught myself to tat 5 years ago. I have used the shuttle but shied away from it because I just wasnt real confident in myself using it and just left it. I even as a gift for myself ordered me some new shuttles. I hope they arrive before the new year so I can play with them a bit before going back to work. I think its time for a change and a new set of challenges. I have 4 successful (in my mind they are successful I have sold atleast 10 of each so to me that is a bit of success lol) books out with my latest Motifs A Many being my best one and since Friday i have sold 13 of them I was impressed with myself :)
Here is a list of challenges I have set upon myself for 2009
--Using the shuttle more
--teaching myself the split ring with the shuttle
--teaching myself the split chain with the shuttle
--learing to do Encapsulation the 'right' way (I tried it and it looked good until the end mind you i tried it with the shuttle and using the needle not that great of a way to do it LOL)
--hopefully writing another book of neat designs
--getting my holiday gifts and ornaments done early ((ha ha)) I have said this for the past 10 years do you really think it will happen?? who knows?

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