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Thursday, December 25, 2008

starting on my personal vow...

I vowed to start using my shuttle more and I AM :) I havent used it in hmmmmmm years not sure really how many but its been atleast 3+
It took me a bit but I got real confused with the chain at first but in no time i was back at it. I am using my least favorite shuttle too. for some reason I just dont like the metal shuttle with the bobbin, it just dosent cooperate properly for me I ordered a plastic one in hopes it will be a bit nicer to me :)

Here is what I am doing at the moment juts a practice piece I still need to get comfy with it again so my stitches arent that pretty.

Now maybe I can do some "real" tatting as some of you have put it LOL ;)
I am gonna try to leave my needles alone for awhile and work with the shuttle more its becoming more comfortable as I go.
On another note our Christmas was just a day, it didnt feel real special because my 8yr old son had to misbehave horribly last night after Santa came. I am not going into detail because its just not nice what he did it made the day rough for us all. I just want to forget it this year will go down as one of the "rougher" years hoping 2009 will bring better luck and more positivity in life. I know others have it worse and have more problems, we handle what we can.
hope everyone had a good Christmas


Tattycat said...

Hi Heather. Sorry you had a rough day. Looking forward to next year is a very good way to deal with that. I'm glad you are getting familiar with your shuttle. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Gina said...

Several of my family and friends have commented that it's not been the best Christmas even before it got here - so I guess that means we'll work extra hard at it next year! It's okay - they can't all be spectacular!

I don't like the metal shuttles either. They were the first ones I had and I was so happy to find the wooden ones by David Reed Smith and then the clover ones after that. I like the feel of wood but the plastic clovers just seem to work really well for me. (once the razor sharp point dulls up a bit) I think you have to play around with different ones and find what feels good.

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

I think your tatting is actually looking pretty good Heather! WoW that has been awhile since you shuttle tatted. I do understand a little what you are going through,,,as I hardly tatted at all this whole last summer, so I still feel like I am still 'catching up' so to speak.

Sorry to hear your day wasn't better. I pray your new year will be much better! Kids can sure be ornery for sure!

Sending you a cyber hug!

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

Thanks Everyone!
I am enjoying the shuttle again I started a snowflake and plan on working at it most of the day since we have a ton of left overs I will not need to cook for atleast a few days LOL
The only other shuttles I have are the clover ones I had 4 but one went missing darn little lepruchauns must have took it (it was even the green one that went missing lol) I have a wooden one that dave made me BUT its very big and bulk. I so cant wait for my new ones to come in the mail :)
Have a good day all!