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Thursday, April 30, 2009

UPDATE (nates appt, some repeating and griping)

I will be reapeating some that those of you who read already know...

Last week I had Shannans appointment, she does need her tonsils and adenoids out, so we got pre op appt on June 16, surgery June 18 (dave and I's 11th anniversary), post op June 26 then hopefully that is done with... I am really worried about this because its her first surgery and I am scared and need to be strong for her but feel I will break down when they put her out, or before. Dave wont be with me because he has to work, Nate will be with my mom, She is to stay overnight at the hospital. I will be staying with her though.

Last week I also had Dave home from work 3 days, the doctor changed his anxeity medicine and had the reverse effect, it was so scary for me, I was worried but he is back on track now. He has a glaucoma test on June 12, he is not thrilled about it so I got him complaining about that...

Now Nathaniel had his testing yesterday, he does have ADHD, and some of the other stuff he is doing is behavoural problems, which the doctor said could be because of the ADHD so he suggested having Nate talk to a psychologist. Some people I know are pretty much blaming me for my sons condition, hmmmm to me it dosent make sense ADHD is a NEUROLOGICAL DISORDER... Yes my son will be on medicine to help him calm down some, in my opinion he needs it I have been putting up with this for 2 years with him and I am really really wore out. I am getting alot of crap from those who are blaming me because of him needing the medicine, basically I shouldnt medicate him, I have tried everything to fix this myself and the doctor was my last resort. I am getting his appointment with the Psychologist, just need to wait for them to call me back.

I have so much going on I really wish I had a few days just to be alone, I havent tatted and really cant get myself in the mood lately :(::.. . My dear friends are going through things right now too, so I am trying to not bother them with my non-sense at the moment...

I decided this morning I had it with my kids bedrooms they are a mess and by a mess I mean you cant see the floor, everything is piled up and I got angry... They were to bring me some of their clothes on their floor to wash, dirty or not, they each brought out maybe an armful, I was mad so after they went to school I did a few things here and, dove into my daughters room OMG what a nightmare... I got alot done, and should head back there soon after I eat. Next will be Nates room. *sigh* its never ends...I just need to keep calm and just tell myself that things will get better. I need certain people in my life to be supportive, but they are the ones placing blame on me, it is really exhausting trying to please everyone.

I wish I could have the "i dont care" attitude but those of you who know me well know I just cant do that... Never could

But that is the short version on what is up with me and wander why I am having my moments of drama. I dont have a pity me attitude and I really hate drama but sometimes it just comes out LOL

Hugs to All


Quiltldy said...

Heather...ADHD IS NOT YOUR FAULT! Nor is the behavior of your son. My best friend has an ADHD son and an ADD husband so I understand your frustration. People who blame you are just plain stupid. Kudos to you for recognizing that your son needs help... and you do too... to understand how your son's brain works and to be able to cope with it. My love and prayers are with you... be strong!

Iris Niebach said...

My dear Heather,
I want to tell you that I can understand you very well. I know how difficult it is with children and how depressed you could be. I will pray for you.

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

thanks both of you... I just feel like I want to give up at times. But I cant do it alone anymore.
Thanks for the prayers,

Anonymous said...

I'm a teacher and deal with lotsof ADHD and behavior problems. Too many parents take the position that the child can help what he does, or that medication is bad and they reject it. I've watched kids fail because they needed that help and didn't get it, and I've watched kids suddenly succeed because they did. You're doing the right things and just need to remind people that this is your decision to make, not theirs.

Good luck.