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Monday, June 22, 2009

it was definately a long day...

I did not get alot of tatting in today because I was playing catch - up on the house work. I didnt get alot done. Shannan wasnt the best today they DID SAY that the 5th day is always the worst not sure why but it is well THEY WERE RIGHT! She wasnt real bad but I could tell from when she got up that she was struggling to swallow and talk, its been all day like this it makes me sad, but she rested and said she does feel a BIT better tonight. I am tired LOL
I did finally get my Etsy orders all ready to send today I had 8 packages to send WOW that is the most EVER at any 1 time. So those are out for the time being. My buy 1 get 1 free thread sale is a huge hit I sold quite a bit, I am glad of that and I am seriously thinking of keeping it that way its only a thought though right now :)

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