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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good Morning Tuesday...

its a crappy kinda dreary day today but that is fine with me it leaves me more time to tat ;) I had ordered new thread to dye 2 weeks ago and its due to arrive Thursday I am so impatient, its size 40 I havent been able to find it around here anywhere and the place I normally get my thread didnt have it either. I cant wait I did buy some size 40 Natural thread at walmart but its a beige color and super soft kind of harder to tat with, probably because its natural... Nathaniel likes his summer camp but cried today because they are to go swimming and he dosent know how they know this and will nto make him go deep but he is nervous about about it. Makes for a rougher day for me when he does this I am worried now, once he gets home we have to run up to ACRP for his therapist appointment so I probably wont be home til about 6. Tomorrow Shannan and I are heading to the lake she wants to play in the water too so I told her I would take her maybe I can sit and tat and relax a bit.
Well off to do some cleaning and stuff and then of course tat :)
PS keep checking and entering my contest hints will be given on occasion ;)

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