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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mystery Contest Reminder

This is just a re-post!! reminding you to click on the little tag above and get your guesses in. guess as many times as you wish! a few people have already guessed it correctly. Since I have some non tatters guessing there will be a few other gifts given out in the contest sooooo That means I will be having 1 prize for the correct guesser(s) a drawing of 3 names of those who put the tag on their blog AND another drawing of everyone who entered. WOOO HOOO that makes 5+ prizes to be awarded

Hint #1 What I am doing with these is something I have done before..
Hint #2 Its the 5th of something
Hint #3 The mystery can be flipped (over or through hmmm not sure which)
Hint #4 My mind has gone extremely "creative" for this mystery
Hint #5 _ _ _ _ _ _ ~ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ & _ _ _ _ _ _ hmmm??

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