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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Its a small shuttle bag

Thanks to my little gals creative mind, she made me a small red thing she said I could use for tatting or something I thought hmmmm and I slid my shuttle into it :) and thought COOL a shuttle shoe (she called it a shoe first :)) Anyways I said to her maybe she could make some of these to sell but we would have to come up with a different pattern because it was a bit small so I pulled out some of my 4 ply cotton yarn that I hand dyed in my Waves colorway :) and came up with a small bag that is 3" x 3.5". I want a simpler pattern for her though, I haven't crocheted since before Christmas it didn't take me very long at all to do... I told her if she does them very neatly and slowly she could be a 10 year old entrepreneur, she told me ewwwww yuk! I looked at her funny and she said I dont want to be cow poop! OMG I nearly fell to the ground laughing at her silly child she sure dosen't get that from her mommy HA HA HA!!!

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