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Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Monday

ick!! I am not in a good mood this Monday. Why?? I dont know... Maybe its because my house was nearly 90*F yesterday and it did cool down some last night and my house is now 75*F YUK! I hate the heat because I cant breathe with my lung troubles its much worse... I will hold off turning on my air conditioner in my bedroom for as long as I can today. I didnt sleep that well last night due to the heat.
I think the contest is now closed because the big announcement will be either later today or tomorrow I need to get all the entries figured :).... ooooooohhhhh anticipation :)
Check back today or tomorrow for the winners and to see who is right :)


Gina said...

I would take advantage of the ac in your bedroom at night when it is already starting to cool down so it can work more efficiently and then hopefully start off the day and stay that way longer. You can keep the windows and doors shut to prolong the cool time.

I only have one window ac and it is only keeping the kitchen cool during these 90 degree days. I have ceiling fans in nearly every room but it was still stuffy last night.

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

Good Morning Gina
I would love to do that with the AC but Dave wont let me he says he will get sick... Men can be such big babies lol. My air conditioner is a small one, we have been planning on central air but the money just hasent been there hopefully for next summer HOPEFULLY lol then I will probably NEVER want to leave my house hee hee

Ladytats said...

we don't have any AC. I open the house wide at night all the windows and doors. they put a window fan in the upstairs window on the side away from the wind blowing out. it sucks the heat out of the upstairs and lets the cooler night air in downstairs. Then in the morning before it gets warm I close all the doors, windows and any drapes where the sun would shine in. DH hates it as the house is dark and no breeze, but it makes a difference. when I got home from work tonight, it was still 84 outside, but only 74 inside. I will wait until the outer and inner temps are close then open teh house for the night.
I too have asthma and heat is hard too breathe.