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Friday, August 7, 2009

one of those days

well yesterday was one of those days I "thought" it was gonna be a smooth easy day for me HA HA I shoulda known. First I was so thrilled I woke without my headache. Then Ned (the escape artist) deecided to go on a 2 hour run so Shannan and I kept trying to get him nothing was working until I yelled at the end. Ok Ned get your butt over here I am done playing your games GET OVER HERE NOW!! well he came to me cowhering the whole way LOL darn dog. He smelled badly. Allthough I was so glad he came back at the same time I was mad that he took off AGAIN! Nates BSC (behavior & social counsellor) was to come last night so we spent the morning tidying up a bit which turned into an all morning job while trying to chase down the dog also by now my headache was back full force I was not happy. Once done cleaning at noon I bathed the dog and then had to get a shower myself because I smelled like him YUKKY! I barely got to tat yesterday I hated that part. Nates BSC got here around 4:30 she is allowed 2 hours per week with him. I really liked her she is alot like me. Nate fell in love with her and Shannan hung out with them also, it was nice Nate began to act up a bit and she made him listen it was nice.
Todays agenda will be tatting tatting and hopefully more tatting... Laundry is done and the house is clean I dont have to do it on the weekend YAY!!
I am sitting here in my sweats AGAIN, What is with this weather its darn chilly this morning.

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Anonymous said...

i find "sugar" works better for me ... in many ways, because i don't lose "it" and feel bad - physically or emotionally !!! I "bribe" my dogs with loving words, a lilting tone, a scratch or hug, a treat, and if all else fails - a hug that picks them up and carries them to a place i want them to be - that is "wonderful" because it is filled with more of the same "bribes" !!! These days, i usually only need to ask "Do you want a cookie/treat/biscuit" - and they head to their beds and wait !!!