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Friday, September 4, 2009

BIG FAT FAIL #2 (wow this is my 301st post ;)

OK I maintained calmness while tatting the 2nd piece that i tore apart last night and by George I got it or I 'thought' i had it. It went well everything twisted into place until I started round 2 I dont know what I do done didded (lol) something didnt turn out or untwisted i dont know. So I cut round 2 off :( went to see what I did and I DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. So instead of ripping it up again or spending god knows how much time trying to figure out what happened I am just gonna start AGAIN .

More to come on my Celtic Failure. Pfffffftttt!

Ohh yea and this is my 301st post. I guess I BS alot dont I HA HA!!

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