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Friday, September 18, 2009

Time for me to complain...

I still am not feeling well BLAH! I started this cold on Monday with the sore throat and body aches, today the throat feels alot better BUT it has settled in my lungs as usual... Hubby kept telling me to go to the doctors, I refused because I have no insurance. I should have went. My mom brought me some medicine today (THANKS MOM) and visited with me for awhile, she played with the Nedster he loved it LOL I am coughing so hard my head is hurting and if I cough hard enough I about pee myself :( it sucks... I want this crap to go away Grrr! I am not doing much this weekend I need to get well, I just hope my kiddos help me out on this but I can imagine it will be Mom this and MOM that or hey dear this and hey dear that (hubby talk)
On a good note I finished up all my patterns for my book I only have 2 pages to go and its possibly ready. My testers are nearly done YAY!!! They have been working so hard on my designs, I thank them dearly!!! THEN I will get the contest winners their prizes, some of the prizes are the jewelry sets from the book so that is why they havent been mailed yet...
ok gonna run, I felt like whining lol now I am going to go and see if I got some knock me out cough syrup here I hope so :)
Night Night all