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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10-20-2009 Tatting Tea Tuesday

I had way too much fun today well not really I had to clean and stuff but other than that the tatting part was fun!! I didnt get to tat as much as I had wanted to but hey I did actually get to tat :) I tried out a new tea and Ohhh Mi Gosh! I have a new FAVORITE tea its true blueberry TASTES LIKE BLUEBERRIES which are my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVVVVVVOOOOOOORRRRIIITE berry :) YUMMMMMMMMMMM

Arent they georgous? I used size 3 cord and my hands and wrists are a bit sore. The thread is all hand dyed by me of course LOL except the white one its just well WHITE...
I had a good TATTING TEA TUESDAY! How about you? What did you do today?
I am gonna listen to my 2 deep voiced men (josh turner and jason michael carroll) and tat some more i got the jewelry orders and want to get them done and sent by Thursday :)
Have a great night everyone!!


wickedtats said...

Lovely hummingirds! I'm so tempted to get your book but I think I'm at the craft budget for this month =(. Need to get 'permission' from the betterhalf!

Isdihara said...

Your posies and other hand-dyed bits are so adorable. You must be a lightening-speed tatter.

Thanks for joining in Tatting Tea Tuesday! It is always such fun to read your posts.

Isa said...

Hello I send you my best wishes in this autumm day from scandinavien.
I like very much your hummingbird. Please I wonder if you can tell me about this lovely pretty bird where can I buy or if I can get somewhere in the web for the pattern.
Thank you very much
From Isabel in the south of Scandinavien