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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

About to Burst!!

I know that kind of sounds gross BUT its a burst of happiness.
You know my day yesterday didnt go that well I was moody and cried. Hubby came home with my new toy... one of his co workers got himself a new computer so he asked Dave if we wanted it, well since my laptop is dead and the other computer we have is a piece of crap -o- la we said yes. We were thinking a couple hundred bucks for it but NO it was FREE... WOW the kindness of others sometimes amazes me... He fixed it all up for me and its got I bet you 5x the storage compacity at the old one WOWser I need that LOL its great and its even a flat screen I SOOOOO LOOOOOVE THAT!!! and I gotta say it
DUDE!!! I got a DELL!! ha ha remember those commercials years ago ha ha ha
Allright now my other news of excitement
The nearest tatters who live in pa are Rayanna and Carol who both live in Apollo probably very close to each other by the looks of their addresses (I wander if they know this) anyways that is so many hours drive from me I cant make long trips like that so that made me kind of sad I dont have any tatting buddies close until recently a lady ordered a book from me and like a big dork I didnt pay attention to her address until I mailed it out and it said NORTHERN CAMBRIA PA what? WHAT?? am I seeing this correctly? I live in hastings but out in the boonie section or farm country of hastings which is not very far from NC YEA!!!probably 5 - 10 minute drive WOW I am so happy we are gonna have to get together one time and tat together I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I have never tatted with anyone but my daughter and I also have another lady learning to tat so that makes 4 YEA!!! Maybe I can start the Northern Cambria County TATTERS ASSOCIATION lol no just kidding but it would be great to have a small group and teach others to tat and get together on occasion....

Ok I am gonna tat I got an idea rolling around in my head for today's Tatting Tea Tuesday, I should be getting some things in order for tomorrows day of cooking up a storm but I would rather tat since I can imagine I really wont get to on Wednesday or Thursday and I will be adding some new beauties to the shop so check that out later as well :)


Rayanna said...

Hi Heather:
You are Correct. Carol is my dearest and closest friend. She is also the one who taught me to TAT. She lives right down the road. We see each other alot, mostly everyday. If we don't see each other, we call. She's an awesome friend and a sister to me. I would love to be part of a tatting group. I think that would be cool. Maybe one day we will meet. Happy Tatting! Oh, one more thing, did you check out the chapstick holder on my blog? TTFN.

yarnplayer said...

Congratulations on your slick new computer, and your new tatting buddy!

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

Thanks Gals
I am heading there soonish Rayanna didnt get a chance to yesterday

I hope we can meet one day that would be sooooooooo NEAT!!

Rayanna said...

Hi, I did not use the tiny shuttles for the chapstick. I will let you know what I did soon.

Isdihara said...

Congrats on your windfalls! New computer is miraculous enough, a new tatting friend -- that is even more precious!

Thanks for joining in the TTT fun. What a great post!

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Heather, Congrats on your new computer!!!

Yes, Rayanna lives just down the road and we see each other almost everyday. I taught her to tat in 2006. She picked it up real quick. If you are ever out our way let us know. We'd love to get together with you.

Have fun tatting with your new tatting buddy!!

Val said...

Great that you got a computer that works for you, Heather. And wow, it'll be fantastic to meet and get acquainted with fellow tatters! Have fun!