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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Isdihara (ambitatterous) is asking us to show our stash of hdt... She feels she has too much. LOL well I think I have you beat by a little bit...

size 10 in the bottom big drawer 20 above it 30 above that and 40 and 50 above that soon I will have 3 other sizes in my pile LOL

And this is my size 3 cord and some 4 ply hand dyed yarn.

I have just a little bit that is why I may be dying some today LOL


Gina said...

I have 3 sets of drawers very similar to what you have and two of them are FULL of thread. The other tier has beads and chains and craft bits.

I try to just put one size thread in each drawer but I have two drawers with size 20 and a few that have 2 sizes in them.

I don't think Isdihara needs to feel overindulgent by any means!

Katie said...

Oh, I can see I need more thread!!!LOL!