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Thursday, December 17, 2009

So Not My Day ... again & Happy Birthday to my MOM!!!!!!!!!!

I decided I would surprise my mom for her birthday. I didnt mention I was going to go to her house. I rushed around this morning so I could get there by 10 doors locked everything :( BOO HOO
I bought mom a little cake with Santa on it (SHE LOVES CHRISTMAS) Brother and I were texting back and forth at 4:30 am he just got off work and I was up LOL but that isnt gonna happen either :( I called Dads cell phone and they went to Wal Mart. Ohhh well my fault for not telling mom I was coming over. I left her gifts on the door and left with a bit of a sad feeling not sure why. I am a bit moody today could be that. I seriously think I am getting hot flashes too I was thinking blood pressure at 1st but I did a bit of research last night and sure enough I found 4 things that said the same thing. I am only 33 I didnt think that would happen for years but I read when you have procedures that stop "the monthy friend" it can happen Its been 4 years since my endometrial ablasion so COULD BE?? I hate it the only reason I am telling you now is my face is red I can feel it and hot UGH!!
Anyways got off track there My moms doily turned out so pretty I LOVED IT
She knew she was getting it just not for her birthday ;) She wanted red green and white well I had very little dark christmas green and bright red but I did find a frosty green that looked pretty and the red just didnt go that well with it so I found a burgandy color which looked PRETTY!!! Same doily 1 on green background one on a prited white back. I hope she loves it!! I know she will its the Verna Ann doily made for my Grandma (her mom)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! ♥ you!!!!!!!!!!!!


Katie said...

That's a beautiful doily! I love the darker red. Hope your mom loves it, too! She's a very lucky mom to have you as her daughter!

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

oooo pretty! I'll bet your mother is delighted!