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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tatting Tea Tuesday 12-15-2009

Dang is that date right? CRAP 10 days til ho ho arrives... I am in such a BAH HUMBUG mood I am normally not like this around Christmas but so much goes on anymore that dampens ones spirit I guess.

TTT started off ok well hubby kind of angered me this morning but its ok. Last night my kids told me MOM DID YOU MAKE OUR SNOWFLAKES FOR OUR CARDS? ummmm no! You said you didnt need it until the 22nd right? NO MOM ITS DUE TOMORROW! uurrrrrgh! sigh! OK Apparently the kids mis understood that the winners of the Card Contest would be announced on Dec. 22nd. I was too tired to think last night I sketched out 2 different snowflakes sort of simple ones and tatted them up this morning for my little monsters...

Then I had some time after my kids went on the early bus for tutoring and before I got my friends daughter on the normal time bus to tat so I came up with these little trees... Arent they cute?

I bought some tea today as well. I am not a fan of hot tea I cant stand the way it makes my tongue feel I dont know why I am weird LOL BUT This new tea which I have never seen before Vanilla Caramel Truffle is DELIGHTFUL even hot I bet it would be a yummy Iced Tea as well :) I am currently having a cup of tea and about to sit and tat some gifts, I am so behind AGAIN this year...

Ohhh and here is a picture of my Acer hubby got me for Christmas I ♥ it!!

Ta Ta for Tatting Tea Tuesday (well for now anyways;0) )


❦TattingChic said...

Your snowflakes and motifs are lovely! That Acer notebook looks pretty cool! I hope you are enjoying it and that it's running smoothly for you!!! Merry Christmas!

Bonnie said...

A new Acer? Lucky girl, your husband must really love you. I like your flakes and trees!

Nancy in Dallas said...

What?!?!?! You got your Christmas present already!!! lol Lucky you. Your trees and flakes are really pretty. And I see Ned is happy too!