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Thursday, February 25, 2010


just heard that song on the radio lol

Ok lots to say here mostly griping though lol

It may 'seem' like I am not tatting much but I am :)

I stayed up last night allthough I was a bit tired I was tatting and I was nearly done with what i was working on THIS happened
lets just say as tired as I was I started to tear up and went to bed.

Then today the cutest thing happened Ginger was laying on the floor on top of some blankets we use for sitting on chairs etc... Ned was walking around and seen her laying there all comfy and he was doing what appeared to be digging at the blankets he stopped looked at Ginger and she licked him on the nose :) then he layed down it was too darn adorable I got up and peeked and he covered her up

Then my dryer was done so I got the blankets out and put them on my tatting chair that Ginger claims as her throne went to get a drink and come back and see this

the queen claimed the nice warm and clean blankets as her perch.

We are getting ANOTHER storm with possible high winds of atleast 50  mph... LOVELY!
Its already getting real windy here, its cold.

I am in pain today for 2 reasons
1. last week or week and a half whatever, I was laying in bed on my left side and went to move and heard a crack, for a second i thought it was my shoulder cracking or something then I felt PAIN in my ribs, that side of my ribs always gives me trouble I dont know why it could be the bottom rib bone sticks out weirdly the doctor had told me when I was pregnant with my daughter that it was mis-shapen nothing to worry about, it does over lap at times (my mom has it too) and feels like it goes out of place well I did something to that rib dont know what its still bothering me, with the cold today its not helping AT ALL!!
2. yesterday we had lovely ICE on the porch and stairs well I was taking the doggies out Ned gets tied and Ginger i let her walk and do her thing but I have to go out with her or she wont do her business. I slid from the top step to the bottom (only 4 stairs) and landed on my tail bone, I about cried because when my son was 6 months old (he is almost 10 now) I fell down the stairs and busted up my tail bone so yea it didnt feel too good. I am a mess LOL
Not really things could always be worse. I am alive and breathing, I have my family... I have my tatting friends :)

I can imagine the kids wont have school tomorrow due to the storm and high winds. SEVERE WEATHER is what all the stations are calling it, yep just good ol PA weather lol

I will show you this though a little something I am working on...

If you dont hear from me for a day or so we may loose power (i hope not) with the winds its highly possible.
Hope everyone has a safe and happy rest of the week.


Sharon D. said...

I hope you don't get hit with snow to bad. I am so tired of winter. Hope you get to feeling better. Falling on the ice hurts a lot.

Shogun said...

Hello! When I was reading your blog it reminded me when my son was a baby I was holding him on the wooden steps (in winter) outside the door to let the dog out and I fell. I landed on my tailbone but the worst part was dropping the baby into the snow. He's 15 now.
I hope your rib feels better soon. Ali/Shogun

victats@gmail.com said...

Sounds like a bad fall. The best home remedy for your aches and pains is ice- 20 minutes through a cloth where ever it hurts and you can do this once an hour. If the pain and discomfort continues for more than a week then you need to see a chiropractor 1-2 times. (may help with your ribs as well) I know you are a mom and everyone else comes first but please take care of yourself.

Isdihara said...

Ouch! Slipping and falling on the ice is bad enough, but bouncing down stairs just adds insult to injury. Feel better soon.

Once I slipped getting into a rental car and slid UNDER the car! It was funny, but embarrassing.

I do these things so you don't have too. LOL!