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Friday, February 5, 2010

WOW is it really Friday already...

Well we are to get another storm, I love the snow and winter BUT lately its been wearing on me, sigh.
This week is one I want to get behind me though.
Sunday my son was in rare form long story short he got scolded for his attitude and fit towards me and he hurt himself not bad but left scabs on his face :( I hate when he does that...
Monday the kids were off school, Nate went with his TSS worker for 5 hours is was quiet with just me and Shannan but busy
Tuesday Nate had 2 appointments his outpatient and his eval which had me a bit more nervous this time due to the fact that its a possibility that he will get cut from his mental health program :( our governor put a major cut in services. makes me mad but whatever.
Wednesday kids in school and me vehicle less AGAIN plus havent been feeling well was thinking I was getting a UTI so that had me a bit worried
Thursday was feeling a bit better so I went for a hike for an hour and a half it was WONDERFUL I got some nice shots if you are on face book with me just check in my photos you will find them.
Friday -TODAY ahhhhhh! Dont feel too bad today but I got a headache I have been working on some new designs all week with todays being a bit of a bugger. I am trying to stay on the same wave-length with my recent creations all I am saying is that each one will have 9 beads, dont ask why 9 it just is lol BUT I was working on 1 piece and it kept looking like something else at the start which got me side tracked and messed up so I decided to just go with it so now the frustration has set in again it dosent want to work but persistence always pays off lol

Ok off to have a bit of lunch and of course tat some more, what did you think I was going to do housework lol

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