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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New shop policies and a little rant

Well pardon me while I rant ok. Some of what I am about to say has happened recently and some has been happening in the past:

i had a lady purchase a book from me and telling me it was in her words a poor excuse for a book, it was poorly written, not understandable, and she took it to her tatting group and that they all agreed with her that it was a waste of her time and money. "ouch" She had said she expected it to be comb or spiral bound or a hard back book, I clearly stated in the description the book was in a protective folder and there was even a photo of it there as well... So my desire to please everyone and make everyone happy ended in her getting a full refund :( i shouldnt have given her full refund but she got it. and still she harasses me BUT I have seen a time or two after that her tatting the designs from the book, hmmmmm ???

Another thing is my buy 2 threads get 1 free, I used to let the purchaser choose their thread and sometimes they would just tell me to throw anyone in of whatever size they use. Well i had this happen to me 2 times by 2 different individuals they didnt like what I sent as freebies when they said to give them whatever, they demanded refunds for the 'free' thread. and of course me again being a people pleaser asked them what thread they did in fact want and they got their way...

Its not my fault that people do not read descriptions of products, its not my fault that people didnt choose their thread like i asked them too.

New policies in the shop, No refunds on books or pdf books, Thread is still buy 2 get 1 free but I choose your free thread in the sizes you ordered.  I feel really mean doing this but I gotta save my own butt.

I am going to have to re- do my shipping costs as well, seems they are too high, but in my shipping includes envelopes and protective wrappings as well as the postage and a teeny portion for gas to run to the PO.

Allrighty I ranted I feel better now if I could just put my foot down at times lol



Imoshen said...

I think that was very generous of you to do that for those people. Then again, I read all the captions before I buy, but it's the nature of the retail beast to have tunnel vision. I don't understand why anyone would demand a refund on 'free' item...um, it was free so you didn't pay for anything so you don't get anything back..logic escapes people alot. I also don't see your postage costs as high, yours are some of the most reasonable one's out there. I should know, I shop online ALOT for my tatting supplies. The steps you've taken are right and you shouldn't feel you're being mean by them. It's a shame there are some who behave in an ungracious manner, but fear not, I am not one of them.. ^_^

TypsTatting said...

I think that you shouldn't have given a refund on that book and if she is tatting patterns from it!!!!!!! Well you have to wonder!!!
And I do agree that the thread you sent as a freebie you shouldn't have had to refund that as well!!!!!

Sharon D. said...

Good thing it wasn't me because I can be a real pain. My kids use a different word for me sometimes. I bet she didn't get red of the book or thread. I have a couple of books that could of been written better, my not be the books but me. No they are not yours. L LOVE the book I got today.

victats@gmail.com said...

I don't have any of your books so I can't judge your books. However, I do have pattern books that are fairly basic. If that lady wants a coffee table book (high gloss, color pictures)then she needs to pay a little more. People complained about Iris Niebach's recent book because it was so expensive (it had all these qualities). It just goes to show that you can't win. The quality of the pattern is what is important. You show alot of originality and innovation in your patterns. That's all that matters.

Quayceetatter said...

I have been very pleased with my tatting book. You were very generous with your threads when asking for tatted hearts for Tracy. We hope she is on the mend. There are some people that are just rude and want something for nothing! Love your patterns...