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Monday, May 3, 2010

Carl, Early Mommy Day Gift, Organization, & Marbles

Since I have not blogged in a few days I got lots to say. Not Really. Well Maybe? Who Knows.

First this is my early Mother's Day gift. Isn't my husband the best? YES!! 3 cases for my tatting supplies and beads. I have them mostly filled already I have the small one filled with SHUTTLES lots and lots of shuttles, I have a bit of room in it I told David I needed a few more, No I don't LOL

Yep its packed with shuttles, talk about addiction *sigh* ohhh well the other 2 are filled with beads, jewelry findings, cabone rings, etc... Now I can actually see all my beads instead of hunting for ones i thought I had.

I finally FINALLY got my tatting corner arranged and organized to my liking. Not sure if you remember the previous MESS.
Between then and now it got worse. BUT now its better and with my hubbys new gifts it really is nice.

But what is that on my chair? Or who is that?

Carl the Caterpillar. isn't he cute, and he is so soft and cuddly and He is my tatting pal he likes to hold the shuttles and my scissors and he gives me pretty good advice too.

...and if I ever EVER EVER buy another marble or half marble again some body please shoot me. This is my stash that weighs nearly 30 pounds. Zoinks! i have a *few* (thousand) marbles

I am working on some top secret tatting that I cant show at the moment but am enjoying it. Tomorrow is my favorite day of the week Tuesday for TATTING TEA TUESDAY.

Until next post... ohhh and I nearly forgot I am very near 500 posts. Maybe a marble give away is in sight LOL


Paula C. said...

Nice organization! I really need to empty some shuttles. I plan to try your tatting over marbles patterns this week. I ended up in the hospital last week for emergency surgery and am just feeling up to tatting again. That's a lot of marbles but at least you can't say you've lost them, lol!

Imoshen said...

Wow that's some major organizing power there..lol.. love the new blog layout btw.

Red said...

I'm so jealous! Mostly of your shuttle collection ;P After your last couple of posts on the half-marbles I've been wondering: how do you tat with them? My brain can't seem to wrap itself around that idea...

TypsTatting said...

Well now you can go and find what you want, and you have quite a stash of shuttles that I can see.

Tatskool said...

You definately need more drawers!