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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday was also my kids last day of school...
My son has been acting up more lately, I dont know why. Its making me crazy.
On to the tatting post
First of all I made this for Shannan but it got lost already we think the dog took it, our big dog bruce who resides outside he jumped at her when she was giving him treats and then we didnt notice it was gone until later, ohhhh well guess I will just have to make another hee hee

I have also been working on String Art... And tatting with wire...

And I got a WONDERFUL package in the mail on Saturday, from Is'dihara. See it was only supposed to be the king tut thread (the varigated purples) the color of course is called Heather :) She also gave me some other threads, which I cant wait to use and some Tea, that will be my special drink for next weeks TTT. And last but not least a POP A BOBBIN shuttle, now i have 2 of them... I cant thank you enough Is'Dihara little things like that mean the world to me...


Miranda said...

Very pretty tatting. What kind of wire are you using?

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Very cool! I especially like the purple pendant in the middle!

Fox said...

Love the tatting on the wire. Must make for sore hands!
Fox : )

***Jon**** said...

That String Art pendant looks interesting. Do you make it up as you go?

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

thanks everyone
The wire I use is galvanized steel wire I use 18 or 20 gauge. It really isnt that hard on the hands if you are using tools.
And the string art how to can be found at http://www.beadinggem.com/2009/08/string-art-pendant-tutorial.html I couldnt find the conduit hanger like that lady had BUT between mine and my hubbys creative brainstorming we came up with another idea.
Yes Jon I ALWAYS make everything up as I go I rarely have a game plan HA HA

Isdihara said...

Your tatting looks wonderful (as always!) and the experiments with wire are so pretty.

Admittedly I might have gotten a tiny bit carried away when packing the box for you. It was a tantalizing puzzle to see how to pack the goodies. *grins*

Thank you for joining in the Tatting Tea Tuesday fun! Looking forward to reading your post next week. Enjoy!