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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wakky Wednesday was indeed one of those days...

My son was acting up again (BIG SURPRISE) he was being mean and other things I am not getting into it right now.
I had a big hang nail (ingrown nail) whatever you want to call it on my thumb I had to dig and cut and pull, normally these things don't bother me much but WOW that one was nasty it hurt alot...

Then Ned, my older dog who is sometimes a grouchy butt-head decided that since I was picking something off of him it was ok for him to snip me, he got my finger ok no harm done, I stopped then after a bit I was petting his head and then he did it. He bit me HARD I mean I was in shock and cried I seriously think the crying was part pain part moody-ness I cried for a couple hours. And still feel like crying more, I think its just a mix of everything that came out, stress, worry, lack of sleep etc... I am a bit mad at Ned for biting me, and he knows it. My hand hurts but I can still tat lol

And after my cry - out I took a nice bath and soaked my hand. It was nice then Shannan and I went up to get the mail and I was in a little bit of a better mood, I got NO BILLS today woo hoo but I did get all this
Beads, pony shuttles 2 blue and 2 yellow :) I have never seen them before, and 2 books all winnings off of Ebay... Damn you Ebay you are the devil lol I tend to get a bit addicted when browsing and bidding but thankfully alot of my biddings were losses :)

Well I may ice my hand for awhile my eyes are stinging from being a bawl baby. I am working on some nice tatting and also I will be drawing names from the giveaway within a few days.

Have a good day


Isdihara said...

Oh, how wretched that you were bitten by Ned! Bad dog! (I would have cried too.)

But getting goodies in the mail must have brightened your spirits. Hurray for eBay auction wins! (Oops, sorry. I know you said eBay is the devil. LOL)

Here's a hug and feel better soon!

Sharon D. said...

Hope the rest of your day was better. I just scream alot, we have had so many people over here in the last few day 30 plus. This about the first time I have had to check the blogs.

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

I have one of these shuttles and both the books - you'll love them!

Fox said...

Bad Ned! Your injury is much worse than mine today! (see tat-ology) Must be some awful thing in our air - the G20, a 5.2 earthquake in Toronto today, for instance...

I am happy to see that one of us has lovely new books and shuttles to play with!
Fox : )