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Monday, July 26, 2010

more damages, necklace, and home made beads...

Those who think I am a DRAMA QUEEN please avert your eyes else where, I am about to complain AGAIN.
Sunday David and I had some welcomed time alone, we bought new batteries for the 5 smoke detectors we have in our home they are wired into the electricity also... WELL we prayed that was the problem since the fabulous lightening strike we had, well it wasnt :( David checked them out several times and then un-hooked them from the wiring and found it, the smoke detectors are fried, more like melted inside along with the wiring in ALL 5 of them. :( :(... And when the lightening struck the lights in our bedroom all went out along with the AC, They had gone back on after hubby put the breaker back on, well yesterday they went out completely and it didnt trip the breaker and another outlet that is wired into that breaker is still working fine ??? You got me on this one. I am confused, upset, mad, furious, Grrr!!! Grrrrr!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! I hate lightening and thunder Always have and even more now I HATE IT!!! If I never see lightening again that would be perfectly fine with me... I got me a busy week again, hopefully after this week I will only have to make 1 run per week for appointments for Nate if not Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  Ok done with my bitch and moan session on to other things...
I spent the day at my craft table I think its something I needed to do today it kept my mind busy in between calling the electrician, tv guy, and the other calls I needed to make. I did some creating something I been wanting to do for awhile and FINALLY got it!!! I am pleased with the results I made some beads and pendants with my poly clay, and of course some shuttles came out of it as well, but those will be for another post WHY well because these are super cool that is why they are worthy of their own post HA HA no I need to finish them first. But on to the beads...

And here is one of the many designs that came about from the no-internet for 4 days... I call it Madison because when I was watching The Bridges of Madison County (I LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie) I got the idea for it. And actually started it while watching the movie but Clint took my attention ;)

I am so thankful for my tatting friends who listen to me complain especially Debbie... And for my husband who pulls me out of my funk even when he is in his mood too. This lightening strike has really opened my eyes to alot of things. How fortunate I really am for everything I have and the people who I have in my life, well the ones who dont make me feel like crap that is, I can do without that. I could have lost my home, or if the tree would have been hit differently my husband may not be here right now, I am just so glad things didnt go differently. I wish I knew the reason we are having things go on and go wrong lately but if it dont kill us it will make us stronger, maybe I am being a drama queen, maybe I do complain alot but you know what, in all reality we all do it in some way, shape or form.
Well hubby is helping our neighbor bring in oats or whatever you call it hee hee. I am gonna get me an early shower, the kids are all ready bathed, they are mad they cant play video games but hey tough crap LOL
I hope to post for TTT tomorrow :D


God's Kid said...

I love the beads, especially the hearts! And the necklace is so great! :)

Isdihara said...

Welcome back, Heather! You are not the only one who is thankful that the lightning strike spared you even more serious damage and heartache.

And with all the running around pell mell that comes with summer (why don't we all kick back and relax, as we long to do?) it must have been a nice break to have a few quieter moments.

Your creativity flourished during your 4-day break. The beads are lovely!!!

sue said...

Is it possible that the bedroom lights are just burnt? The strike could have almost fried them then turning them off and on was the last straw? Sure would be better than having to have them rewired which is another choice.
Beads are beautiful.