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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday: A rainbow, Clumsyness, Resin Drop & a box of birds???

*Please Note I wrote the majority of this post on Tuesday and blogger was being stubborn so it didnt get posted until now*

First we will start with the rainbow actually it was a DOUBLE rainbow, I wasnt able to get the kind of photos I wanted of it because of course I didnt have my camera so after Nate got on the bus I drove down here and went to get my camera in a hurry; lets say wet grass and flip flops dont mix, yep I fell on my butt AGAIN lol. I am sore I am really feeling it now and I can imagine tomorrow I will feel it more...

As for todays tatting I didnt do alot but I do have this to show its a small box of about 14 hummingbirds of all sizes and colors.

I recently wanted to expand my horizons with crafting and started to mess with resin here is a pendant I made pretty :)


Also since I have about an hour each day of waiting for the kids to get home I got my tatting bag packed up with goodies and will tat in that time so I started a blog TALES FROM THE TAT BAG...

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