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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Friday... Ohhhh Dear Friday... My son had an appointment about an hour away from our home... Since Walmart is open 24 / 7 I got the kids up early to go get some Christmas Shopping done all while still feeling like crap - ola. We did some shopping went to his appointment and realized I forgot more things so we went to Ebg. Walmart and a few other stops for medicine and dog food. I ended up leaving here 6:30am and getting home around 3:00pm. Ahhhhhhh I was wiped out.

Saturday... My son had his party for where he goes to therapy... We left early for yet another walmart run but ended up rushing around, so I didn't get everything again... Went to the party, seen santa and ate... I was so tired, still am. Went to walmart again to finish up things. Had to stop at Giant Eagle for some groceries and ended up leaving here around 10:00am and getting home around 5:00pm. And after I got home I realized I still need more things from the grocery store for Christmas Dinner soooooooooo that means tomorrow I am running to the store and HOPEFULLY will not have to go anywhere until the kids last day of school before Christmas break.
I got myself a small present 6 more hermit crabs which now brings the total to 17, an odd number perhaps I should get 3 more for an even 20 ;) no not yet. LOL

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BSOTF said...

Your childern are really cute! But the one in the middle looks like a child I've seen before & with the same red outfit too. LOL!
Girl, you have to slow down. I know the holidays are important to you. But with all the rushing around...you aren't going to enjoy much at this rate. You have to take care of yourself so you are up for the holidays with your lovely family! Ok, Sweetie? Yes, someone cares about you too. I do for what it counts.
The crabs are neat to see. Thanks for sharing them.