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Monday, February 21, 2011

Updates all around

Its amazing how ones life can change within a weeks time... I am getting into a huge slump of not wanting to do much, not wanting to leave my house. Seems my personal life is rocky too now. But I can handle it, maybe not real well, but I will get through :o)

I can hardly believe I completed this on Saturday. 12 hours of work went into this its my own design. I used TOHO glass seed beads size 11, shades of blue and clear, on each triangle is a frosted mini teardrop bead. The reason I cant believe I did it is because I cant seem to keep focused right now, my mind is rushing like crazy.

I did these 2 yesterday, no pattern really just my own doing.

Riley our new addition to the family is doing great, he is a great protector of his mommy but he has to realize that mommy has human childrean as well as the furry ones, He and Ginger are getting along great, Ned keeps messing with him and that makes Riley angry, he growls at Ned, he runs but comes back about another minute or 2 later. Dip Stick dog lol.

Also wanted to add my facebook and Fan Page are off to the right of this post, Like my fan page and join my facebook if you wish to do so. I only have photos up on my fan page so far, its getting there :o)

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Margarets designer cards said...

Beautiful necklace and bead work. I know how you feel, not wanting to do anything and stay in, I have been ill and home off work for nearly three months, I am also feeling I am on the rocks. hopefully when spring comes we will both feel better and want to go out again.