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Friday, March 2, 2012

March ALREADY???

Holy Heck where did the time go???

So much has been happening lately I dont know whether I am coming or going or sitting still...

A couple weeks ago was 1 year since the miscarriage, it was a hard day for me but my husband spent the day with me. After the kids got home we got some balloons wrote on them and did a balloon "let go" it was really nice and special.

I have a rather painful cyst on my foot, pretty much the only thing to give me relif is surgery which we cant afford since I dont have any insurance, so I must deal with the pain, it dosen't hurt as bad as other things do.

I have been tatting and beading quite a bit lately, I am getting ready for my first ever craft show with my friend Debbie. Its on March 24. I cant wait :)

I also created some neat looking necklaces with beads and sequins...

I been making hummingbirds too for magnets
among other things I havent gotten to take photos of.

I will leave you with a photo of my hubby and kids when we went for a walk down in our woods
That right there is my whole reason I do what I do... <3 them


Valerie said...

The necklaces are awesome. Good luck for your craft show.

It's nice to know your family is sweet and supportive. Know too that you are in my prayers. :)

Margarets designer cards said...

Gorgeous necklaces, and lovely humming bird,
Good luck with your craft fair, I have one on the same day and another on the following weekend when I can put some tatted jewellery.