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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just one of those days

I am in a mood today. I lost my furry best friend in July, I had that little guy since 1995, Everytime I had something on my mind of was just sad all I had to do was go see him and everything felt allright. I am just missing him so much today. I got lots going on right now, some financial, tomorrow I will find out if I actually have a job to go back to soon, etc... Its just got me down today really bad for some reason. I took my camera out I thought snapping pictures would help, it did for a bit. I write some poetry now and then and I wrote this :

Between the Trees

Between the trees is where you lie
Silently we walk by
Warm tears fall
Down my chilled face
As I walk by
Between the trees where you lie
Wishing you didn’t die
Your memory will lie
Forever in my mind
These missing tears that I cry
Could fill a river flowing by
Seeing that empty place
Between the trees where you lie

It still didnt make me feel better. He always had such a smile on his face for me, I miss that so much, yes I have pictures but its just not the same. Any pet owner knows what I am feeling the bond that you have the unconditional love and trust. And when that bond gets broken you feel broken too.
I miss him so much, yes I still have 2 other dogs who are my best buds, 2 children, and a wonderful husband, BUT there are just some things you can't replace and that was the relationship I had with my dog Frisky.
Ok done being a whiner LOL


Ridgewoman said...

My Dear,
Sharing is not the same as whining. I have had many dogs in 72 years; but, four left definite paw prints on my heart. Mischief, a Basenji (Champion), Charlie (the clowen, Blk Standard Poodle, Zephyr (Basenji from my breeding who was exceptional as a 'person') and most recently our Jaime (Yorkie 7 lbs not yappy, nippy and loved children ~ we called him "Braveheart" He was ten when he died and is truly irreplaceable.
You have so much on your plate right now; try to remind yourself that anxiety about these things doesn't really change anything, but hurts you physically and emotionally. When I get in a blue funk, I force myself to become other directed ~ and find something to do for another person. A Card, a tatted piece, a phone call, cookies, something.
You are in my prayers.
your friend, Bev

Bonnie said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss! My heart goes out to you. You are in my prayers.

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

Thanks so much. I have my days of letting it get to me. Especially when other things are going haywire. Your kind words mean so much. I am trying to think of a good design in his memory. It wont be easy though :)
Thanks so much