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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Good Morning

Good Morning All
Hope everyone is having better luck than I am lately LOL
First off I was sick, feeling much better now though. Then just little odds and ends going on and going wrong, then my hard drive on my lap top went Ka-Boom so I lost lots of pictures etc... yesterday my darn dog broke the cord to my digital camera, I wanted to hurt him so badly because I take pictures constantly its a form of relaxation for me BUT I can still hold the cord into the camera allthough a pain I can still do it lol then last night I was cutting up a roast for supper and broke my favorite knife LOL Its been a fun and interesting week HA HA!! I did this morning get the PDF for my newer book done up. I am still deciding whether to offer it now or wait until I can get some printed and offer all at once. I ordered ink this morning so I should have it by next week. Decisions, decisons.
Other than trying to deal with the daily dramas of life, things are good, today is 3 months since my dog has left this life, as the days go by its a bit easier to deal with but still not easy. I do not deal with death well at all :( I need to work on that aspect of my life I guess, I am emotional, always have been and I can imagine always will. Guess that proves I have a heart LOL
Ok gonna run for now I got many errands to run today with the first one being a trip to the school to talk to my sons teacher, I just dont know what to do with that boy anymore LOL kids will be kids I guess.
I am doing a little bit of tatting not much but I hope to change that here within the next few days :)
Have a good day

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