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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday is a new day

That will be my attitude for today. I am tired of letting things get to me so much. I am tired of feeling so low. Basically I am tired lol. Since leftovers are for supper tonight I am spending my day tatting. I didnt get to yesterday I ended up getting this house in order its clean again :) and managed to get outside taking some pictures it really helped to take my mind away for awhile... Daves work is now up in the air on what they are doing. None of the guys are getting unemployment so no one is happy at all the one guy told the boss to either bring them back full or give them more time off something because you cant live like that just because the bosses have money coming out their ears dosent mean the employees do. UGH! So the bosses had a meeting and then left didnt even go and talk to the guys. Hopefully we hear something today as to what is going on. If need be I will go and get a small part time job until January, but the trouble with that is, with my lungs in the shape they are in I cant be around certain smells, or in certain stores for a long period of time, sigh!! Its always something but you gotta get through it. I was in a horrid mood yesterday morning as you can tell by the previous post LOL today is a new day allthough at the moment the coffee hasent kicked in and I am ready to just doze I feel better at the moment. I need to quit feeling so down on myself and about things going on. Everything will fall into place eventually and I just need to give it time. I will lose this weight when it decides it wants to leave my body (i am dieting and exercising too) The work situation will get better with time, Dave has anothe place in mind and they told him that in January someone was retiring, I am hoping that they told him this because they are considering him, I truelly hope so its closer than his current job.
Ok enough rambling I will be surprised if any of it makes sense LOL
Have a good day

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