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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gettin Ready....

to party LOL no not really party but have a nice relaxing day on saturday... 2 friends and I are having a day of pampering for our customers so far I got 3 people coming out of more than 10 that were invited. I am hoping to sell some extra avon that I have in stock here. Then Sunday is my birthday I plan to tat and dye thread I put all my stuff away for now to keep it out of reach. I may get some tatting in tonight as today was so unproductive it wasnt funny. My daughter was home from school today, last night she got a bit sick and was vomiting but I think something from supper just didnt agree with her tummy, she was ok this morning but fibbed to me so she could stay home. Breakfast she had a bowl of cereal and a peanut butter sandwich and lunch she had 2 packs of oatmeal LOL now she is chowing down on pretzels UGH!! kids she wanted to just stay home for fear of being ill in school which is understandable I told her to next time just say that, instead of telling me she was still sick, but I can imagine all kids do things like that at one point or another. I am gonna have to go and get my son soon at the bus. One good thing today my husbands truck is now fixed and I got my truck back. I am so happy on that. Now if only other things start to go right but I can imagine with some time they will. January I get to go back to work and I cant wait to get caught up well we arent behind just some things are neglected due to money issues and I cant wait to feel secure again for a little while and not spend sleepless nights worrying about how much hubby will be working and how much of a cut in pay he has and if we will have enough for the house payment :( but atleast the last pay I caught everything else up completely.
Ok enough rambling on and on I just felt like talking
Have a good evening

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