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Saturday, November 8, 2008

I think I caught the fever...

...for hand dyed thread...

See I was down because I have no money and cant afford to buy any...Wellllllllllll I had some dyes laying around here only 3 colors for something I was going to do ages ago and thought Why the heck not give it a try what is the worst that would happen, I would have funny colored thread right? Well it turned out the only thing is I got too impaient and shold have left it sit longer and get deeper color. But it was our first try and we are so happy with the results we got :)
This is only 1 of what we done because this peticular skein decided to fall on the floor and the dog ran to it and got it caught on his toes etc... lets just say it tangled beyond un tangling so I only have a small amount of it but I know how we done it so I will make more. My 9 year old daughter helped me and there is one drying right now that she done herself I am letting her name it herself too :) I told her we are going into business together LOL It was so fun and I found a strange peaceful feeling when I was creating I loved it.
Ok first those of you who do HDT I will take ANY and ALL criticism or tips you may be willing to share. And Thanks to you other HDTers and those who tat with it It inspired me.

Here is my tiny skein

We named it Licorice, we got those funky colored licorices at the store you know the sort of expensive ones lol and we were nibbling on them and thought they looked a bit like this.

This snowflake is Roger Lloyds design on the Needle Tatting Two msn group which sadly are closing in February but happily he got us a new one up and running, you can check the posts for that if your interested Here is the link for the patttern http://groups.msn.com/NeedleTattingTwo/yourwebpage9.msnw Hope you all like my thread I am so glad to have made this and its got my daughter and I addicted and now we have our "thing" to do together :)
Have a good day

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