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Saturday, November 1, 2008


I just recently purchased from Avon a lipstick case, since I sell Avon I can do these sort of things LOL this case was $10 and it has a divided insert which is foamy sooooooo I tore off the bottom of the insert so that thread can fit into it. Its all nice and neat so I can see what I got of course some of the thicker spools wouldnt allow it to close but they are in a clear container. I am really happy with this and may just have to get another one. If anyone is interested you can let me know I will get one for you. It measures a little over 15" x a little over 11"
The next bit of organizing is more of storage and travel options.
These 2 cases are neat the blue one has 3 compartments and as you can see I got lots of goodies in mine.
the pink one is alot smaller than I planned it to be but pens needles and little things will fit into this perfectly. I still am undecided as to what I am gonna put in it.

This funky purple thing is a storage case of some sort that came out with the recent Naturals of Plum & Nectarine for you to buy the set of the case body spray body lotion and body washes. Well me being a fruity perfume nut had to buy it and the case is so wonderful I can fit into it 2 of the bigger balls of thread, needles scissors pens and a small notebook. HOW COOL IS THAT lol I take it when I want to sit outside and do some tatting.
I spent the day getting some things in order and now am gonna sit and tat a bit unless I am bothered AGAIN lol gotta love the weekends of the kids and everyone being around :)
Have a good day all


❦TattingChic said...

Awesome organizers! I do stuff like that with my scrapbook stuff!

wickedtats said...

I wish I was that organised!