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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Some photos from 11/21/08

When taking the kids to the bus I seen Sammy Scarecrow had gotten a fresh 4 - 5" of snow over night here he is under cover

As I was doing dishes after lunch I seen this beauty he was eating on some sort of seed. I have many more bird piccies but this is all I felt like resizing etc....

I am up early well sort of early to tat and have a bit of time for me sooooooooo I am off to finish this cup of coffee and tat my heart out LOL


tattrldy said...

That's a great picture of the red bird. You take great pictures. I hope you got a lot of tatting done, sounds like maybe a snowflake. Will check back to see what it was.

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

thanks for the compliments. Photography as well as tatting is a passion of mine. Could be a snowflake... I dunno you will have to wait and see LOL