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Thursday, November 20, 2008

todays events

Well today turned out to be one of those days if it werent for the cute things I would just go crazy...
I was winding up thread and taking pictures of it all while hubby took the kids to the bus, I caught my dog doing this...
What is he doing you ask, well watching birds, you should have seen his eyes I swear they were big as dinner plates LOL the dog has big eyes anyways being a Boston Terrier I didnt think they could have gotten any bigger HA HA
After awhile I looked out and seen all these beautiful Mourning doves It looks as though they are all guarding the feeder.

Yesterday while I was dying thread, I had some oddball skeins with not enough yardage etc... So I made myself some oddball thread LOL this i used dark blue dark brown and purple it is actually pretty neat looking.

I think That is it other than I designed an awesome looking bird for my book I may show a sneak peek in a day or so If your interested keep a look out...

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