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Friday, December 19, 2008

Getting down to the wire...

UGH!! It seems the closer it gets to Christmas the more over whelmed I am becoming... Tomorrow is our celebration at my parents house I am doing something special from my sister brother and I but I am not saying a work incase mom come sneaking in LOL!
I haev several more teacher gifts to make and wrap up among the ""Other"" gifts to wrap. Tonight I finally got my familys things wrapped it took awhile as I am very exhausted. I had to go into work today for the day to do the more unpleasent things and it wiped me out because of my lung issues and the amount of dust and things flying around :( so I been coughing up a storm tonight. I need to just decompress I feel like since I got home at 3 I been at it with a small break inbetween to eat some supper. the special thing I worked on for my mom took me approximately 4 hours start to finish. After we are home then I will show and tell :)~
I am sending my kiddos to bed here soon and I need to just soak in the tub with some relaxing music and my favorite bubbles, that i can imagine my dog will come in and want, he is one strange pup he loves to eat bubbles from a bath ROFL, he is a one of a kind weirdo LOL
Yesterday (thursday) Dave took me to get my christmas presents I got me a roaster that is kind of like a crock pot and a small deep fryer (i am not allowed to use them yet though:() I only wanted the roaster thing but he insisted to buy me the fryer also. He spoils me at times and i love it.
I got me some more thread today so after Christmas I can dye to my hearts content well not really because I am heading back to work until april so I will be scarce for awhile but should pop in occasionally :)
well I am wiped out and plan on an early night

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