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Friday, December 12, 2008

Had a different kind of day today...

Started at 4:30am yes you read that right lol I been getting up early in order to have a little bit of me time. I planned on being up that early to tat and work on gifts BUT that didnt happen because we had ice and snow yesterday. Woke to 1/2 power everything was dim as heck and I needed coffee LOL lets say what usualy takes about 15 mins took 1 1/2 hr I had to wait for my coffee. I couldnt tat in the dim light it sucked what else was there for me to do, well I sat here and wound thread for a good part of the morning and then realized iwas getting cold because with half power we had no heat so at 6 I told the kids to get up and get dressed warmly they were on a 2 hr delay too which made my day more interesting and seemed to go really fast. but by about 8am we had full power back. So I got to get some tatting done YAY!! I finished up the final design for my book which was gonna be originally 20 designs turned to 25 then to 30 and the final count is 35 LOL I was gonna head to 40 BUT cut myself off because I have to get gifts finished up NOW!!
I dyed thread 4 different ones today they are looking awesome so far. I need to get gifts sent in the mail soon too Ahhhhh!! I feel so overwhelmed at the moment, its not even funny.
My boss called me last week and invited me to the Christmas party and I am going its monday evening I need to get away for awhile I been so trapped lately with vehicle troubles for about 3 months I had NO vehicle for 2 of those months and then we were without either vehicle for about 2 weeks there too. Plus Dave has been laid off for 3 weeks now and not left me alone, I enjoy his company but need some time to myself also. Dave is supposed to go back to work on Monday, we shall see. His boss had called tuesday and said "we're gonna TRY to go back in onMonday. TRY so what does that mean you are or you arent. LOL
I finally finished up the christmas shopping too. I just need to get batteries and wrap everything. Next Sunday (i think) we are going to moms for an early christmas dinner.
My trees arent all decorated yet I am in a funk right now I kind of dont care at the moment I think just too much has gone on and changed this past year its wearing on me. I am excited for christmas but then I am not. I wont get to see my family ON christmas day which was something that has always happened every year unless someone was sick. Daves mom will be here but I want my family here also.
This evening it was weird and funny Dave put the dog out and then my kids went into my bedroom and looked out the window and strangely all of a sudden there were deer tracks errrrr I mean Reindeer tracks. The kids freaked out and said :MOM guess what there are reindeer tracks just outside your window right by the house, maybe its Santa watchign us" it was so cute My son said "I better behave now that I know he is watching" since then they both have been behaving LOL
I am gonna show a few pictures so check the next post
Have a good evening

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