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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday, Hi how ya doin?

Just saying hi to all my friends that follow and read my blog!! Hope everyone is well. I been battling a sore throat for a few days its not bad but enough to be a bother I really think its sinus related, as usual LOL
Today is a rainy crappy day I am hoping to get more tatting done today and then start work on my kids teachers gifts. The only thing about that is my daughter has a male teacher this year and I am still debating on what to make or buy for him.
Other than that things are just here. Hubby will be laid off for another week full. Its not nice this year for Christmas I wanted to get more for my kiddos but looks like that wont be happening. My christmas tradition has changed yet again, we are going to my parents the week before for gifts and a meal. I really wish I could have everyone here for christmas like it was agreed upon Dave & I's first Christmas but, things change I now have no holiday tradition here and its a bit saddening because I love to cook for everyone and have family here but not many come to visit me anymore. Ohhh Well I guess I am in pity me mode at the moment LOL
Time to tat and finish my coffee :)
Have a good day all and remember only 20 days til santa comes


tattrldy said...

Sorry to hear you're not feel so well. Hope you get better soon, this not the season to be down. And about the gift for the male teacher, in the 25 motif challenge there's a post about the paper weights that Kathy is making. I found papaer weights to use at The Dollar Tree that I am going to try. They might work for the teacher. Here's were you can see what Kathy has done. Good luck - And Merry Christmas! http://www.kathysvictoriantattedlace.blogspot.com/

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

Hello Heather,

Please take care of that sinus n sore throat problem. I started with that, and then ended up on verge of bronchitis. No fun when ya miss out spending time with the grand baby!

If you are a crocheter or knitter, you might do some slippers, or 'manly' washcloth! I have some male friends who have amazed me in requesting a few of my cloths. (They are bachelors).

Get better soon!!!!

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

Sorry to hear about your job situation. I just don't understand why companies always ALWAYS pick this time of year to lay people off. And most of the time it is just because those that be in power, aren't lining their pockets enough. It happens around here alot too, with lumber mills etc.

LOL you sound a lot me us,,,we had hoped to have family over for Thanksgivings, then the another family member would do the Christmas, but it happened only once. Now we don't celebrate Christmas anymore anyway. So hubby and I just have nice quiet day at home alone. We try to get our kids here during Feast of Tabernacle in the fall though.

Just enjoy your day no matter where you are. AND GET WELL lol!

Susanne said...

Tat a nice bookmark for the male teacher. There are so many to choose among on the internet and you dye some lovely threads yourself.