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Monday, December 29, 2008

todays dissapointments, tatting, mail, & beauty

For some reason I am having troubles with my lungs it started this afternoon UGH!! I cant breathe I got me some good pain in the chest and cant stop coughing, I just love this crazy weather one day its freezing the next its about 65* WONDERFUL!! lol

I was supposed to be getting a package in the mail today I had ordered myself some new shuttles and actually they were supposed to be here Friday but still NO I am so dissappointed. I know they will get her but still I was really counting on them today :(

My design i am working on is coming along wonderfully, As I go i can see a difference in my tattings its improving I think I am going to call this design Patience I am hoping to have it done tomorrow BUT with the kids home who knows LOL

I did get mail today I had ordered thread right before Christmas from KLMATTOX and to my surprise it came today she even gave me an extra ball of thread because of the delay in shipping. I was nto worried I knew it was the holiday.

When we went to get the mail it was sort of sunny out and i got a few nice pictures but this one really caught my eye I love mushrooms and fungi all growing on trees and stuff so this was right up my alley lol

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