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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A day maybe 2 to tat

I cant say that the reason I have these days off makes me happy, my daughter had a sore throat yesterday and I decided to take her in to see the doctor this morning, she may have strep throat :( she is eating fine and not much of a fever but watching her face when she swallows makes me sad... Years ago he had told me about her tonsils, he said they are much bigger now and may need them out so on the 21st I gotta take her to a specialist to see for sure. I know its nothing major BUT I still cry when they get shots and she will be 10 next month and my son will be 9 in June. If she does need them out in my opinion it will be better not as many sore throats.
I joked with her and said "thanks for being sick so I can tat" she smiled and laughed at me, she knows her mom is nuts LOL She wanted Dairy Queen for lunch she had her chicken stirps and fries, and of course her free ice cream cone, she loved that.
Right now she is napping and I may just sit and tat for awhile, depending on how her throat feels tomorrow I will either send her or keep her home another day.

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