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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good Morning

Thought I would pop in for a small update. I went to the doctor yesterday my lungs are inflamed, that explains the coughing like an idiot. I got me some medicine but I think the antibiotic is making me feel sick. I am so tired too, I really dont know if I will make it into work today, I hope so but if I am like this, no. I havent been able to tat lately either by the time I get home its making supper, homework, dishes, etc... I miss my tatting. Yesterday at work I found out that a lady tried to learn to tat years ago, I made the joke of starting a tatting class and she was happy to hear that, hmmmmm that makes 2 gals at my office who want to learn tatting :) I may have to hold the class :-).
Well I am off right now. Ohh yea I changed the pattern for the girls dresses for the wedding and I also got the fabric swatches too and picked the colors but mine may change it all depends on if I find something else I like better...
Have a good day

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❦TattingChic said...

I hope you are able to get better with the medicine you got yourself! So glad you saw the doctor and hopefully you will be on the mend soon!