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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Need to Complain

Well first off I still feel like crap, it dosent seem like a cold but not like a sinus infection, I dont know, but I do know one thing IT NEEDS TO LEAVE ME!!

Next, last night I was on the computer here and it was acting up a bit and of course like a dip stick I shut it off which from past experience doing that knows it never turns out well... I lost everything, CRASH went the computer I am so so so mad but, those sort of things can be replaced i guess, all my patterns are gone so I gotta go find all them again :(

I am working on a piece of tatting that I could get finished today if I stay motivated in that area. I am not doing alot today I think that is my problem, I need to rest a bit. I did go for a little walk and took some pictures and I should have realized walking through the woods in capri pants isnt all that good I got lots of scratches and some I need to dig the little jaggys out LOL but it was fun...

Well I am gonna dig in my leg and then tat. LOL

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Quiltldy said...

Heather, a good computer guru should be able to recover your files from the computer...it wouldn't hurt to try!